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The Peak Dispensary: A Higher Standard

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary that Oklahoma Deserves

The Peak Dispensary began with one goal in mind: to help patients in Oklahoma find the medicinal marijuana that they needed in a safe, comfortable environment. Our stores have been designed from the ground up to be a premium experience at every turn. Each of The Peak locations across Oklahoma are owned and operated by a local that we’ve partnered with to create a network of dispensaries that will never compromise on offering the highest quality marijuana in Oklahoma.

So how did we get started? We were born and raised in Oklahoma. After touring states with legal cannabis, we found that the best dispensaries were those that focused on the patient’s needs and goals in using Medical Marijuana as a treatment. Our focus is to provide a premiere dispensary experience that is unrivaled.

From the organic and pesticide-free cannabis products to the knowledgeable staff, we want to be your go-to dispensary.

Organically Focused

Our Cannabis products are organic and grown right here in Oklahoma.

Technology Innovation

Our Mobile app helps you find the perfect products to fit your needs.

Medical Marijuana

Top-quality Cannabis products for licensed patients.

Cannabis Experts

We’ll help you find the perfect products for your medical needs.

A Hub for Marijuana Information

We aim to provide all of our patients across Oklahoma who come to our marijuana store with the information that they need to stay informed about cannabis, side affects, and which strains have been shown to be most effective for certain ailments. Our cannabis shopping experience is tailored to create an atmosphere that is open, inviting, and premium. We want you to feel comfortable in our shop and we will help you in finding the perfect products and strains to meet your needs.

Highest Quality, Lab-tested, and Certified Medical Marijuana

Both State Question 788 and the emergency provisions in Chapter 661 exclude testing requirements in the cannabis industry. This has paved the way for growers, processors, and dispensaries to take shortcuts when it comes to the quality of their products. But that's not how we do things at The Peak. You deserve to know exactly what's in your cannabis products to help you make the most informed medical decisions for yourself. We'll be here to make sure that you never have to compromise when it comes to your health.

A Premium Shopping Experience

Our stores are designed from the ground up to be a premium marijuana experience. We want all of our patients to feel at home when they're in our stores shopping for the marijuana products that will help with their ailments. We are committed to providing you with a store that features a wide range of marijuana strains, products, and integrated technology solutions for making every shopping experience one that delights. Our marijuana shops across Oklahoma will offer a consistent experience so that you feel at home in every one of our locations.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Oklahoma

With the passing of State Question 788, Medical Marijuana became legal in the state of Oklahoma. We're just as excited as you are to start stocking the highest-grade, organic cannabis products on our shelves just as quickly as we can. To stay up on all the latest cannabis news, including our upcoming announcement about our estimated first-batch of Medical Marijuana Oklahoma, you can click the link below or follow us on social media.