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Medical marijuana use linked to cannabis disorder, study finds

Some people with pain, anxiety or depression who obtain medical marijuana cards may over use marijuana within a short time frame, leading to cannabis use disorder while failing to improve their symptoms, a new study found.

Cannabis use disorder, also known as marijuana use disorder, is associated with dependence on the use of weed. People are considered dependent on weed when they feel food cravings or have a lack of appetite, irritability, restlessness, and mood and sleep difficulties after quitting, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Heavy use of marijuana by teens and young adults with mood disorders — such as depression and bipolar disorder — was linked to an increased risk of self-harm, suicide attempts and death, according to an earlier study published in 2021.
Under the current system of providing medical marijuana cards, people only require written approval by a licensed physician, the latest study said. But often that doctor is “not the patient’s primary care provider but a ‘cannabis doctor’ who may provide authorization to patients with only a cursory examination, no recommendations for alternative treatments, and no follow-up,” according to a statement released with the study. [Read More @ CNN]