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Cannabidiol,  more commonly referred to as CBD, has grown immensely in popularity since the passage of new regulations and continuous efforts to research the compound. Since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the hemp plant finally became officially legalized. With this exciting change in regulations,the many different applications of the CBD compound will now be able to come to light more than ever before for people across the country and specifically within the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. 

Aside from the many applications of CBD, there comes other benefits to the decriminalization of hemp including hemp production now being an option for local economies. Since many have referred to the plant as a cash crop, it will make sense for local governments to capitalize upon its production. This will include cultivation of hemp and processing of the plant which can be processed into thousands of different goods. Popular items for hemp processing include clothing produced with the fiber which can make for comfy hemp t-shirts, an ingredient for a variety of different delicious foods, and of course, CBD. Surprisingly, the hemp plant can also produce fuel, perhaps one day offering an alternative to fossil fuels. 

With that in mind, let’s dive into the topic of CBD oil further to see how CBD can benefit patients shopping at an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.

Entourage Effect of CBD Oil 

One of the more interesting aspects of the cannabis plant comes from a scientific phenomenon known as the entourage effect. In short, when multiple compounds are put together, all of their many different parts make a sum which is greater than it would be as individuals. Since individual cannabinoids do not have the same beneficial impact on Oklahoma medical marijuana patients as the entire which the plant does, it has helped fuel the medical marijuana movement. The entourage effect and the cannabis plant as a whole truly go hand in hand. When cannabinoids such as CBD and THC combine into one, they can create a more beneficial and different results for patients across the cannabis community.

To help better understand the entourage effect as it applies to CBD oil and the whole cannabis plant as an instrument and band respectively. With this in mind, you can think of the entourage effect as a band playing together such as the Beatles. While everyone loved Paul and he had a wonderful solo career, he was never the same as the Beatles. Together, the Beatles were on another level than any individual member of the band could ever hope to be. This goes to show how the power of one can be combined with others to create a sum which is greater than the individual parts. The impact of  entourage effect works in a similar manner for CBD and the cannabis plant as a whole. It can be thought of when it comes to full spectrum CBD oil versus CBD isolate, which is closer to the Beatles all playing together versus a Ringo keeping a steady beat. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

As more scientific research is completed, CBD oil continues to become more popular. As the many benefits of the substance come into the light, it is important to understand that not all CBD is the same. The compound has been overused in today’s world of sensational marketing. For example, there is a difference between pure CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD oil, and a high CBD strain of cannabis you would purchase from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. Generally speaking, the three different variations will be comparable to one another. Even so, depending upon the condition you are using CBD to assist with, it may not matter which form of the healing compound you ingest. However for some conditions, full-spectrum CBD or a high CBD of true medical marijuana from a dispensary may be the only options. 

That being said, the wonderful benefits of CBD have started to be supported by scientific studies. Through research projects, scientists have helped to create a wonderfully promising lists of ailments that CBD may be able to help with. The impact of the entourage effect is still apart of the equation. Other factors to consider is how the CBD has been sourced and manufactured from the hemp plant. For example, CBD that is pure often times is referred to as isolate and will oftentimes contain nearly 99.99% pure CBD.  On the other hand, The full-spectrum CBD oil will have a full range of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds produced alongside CBD in the hemp plant. As noted above, the sum of these individual cannabinoids is greater together than they would be on their own, creating an extra benefit when CBD is purchased in the flower variety sold from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.

Top 8 Applications of CBD Oil


CBD finds it’s a true power with its an anti-inflammatory effect. Many human ailments start with inflammation as the core issue and CBD can help counteract this with the potential for a positive change. Another great benefit of CBD purchased from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary is that the entourage effect plays to the benefit of fighting inflammation further than pure CBD isolate would be able to. 

Reduce Pain from Headaches

Another benefit CBD offers patients is reduced pain from headaches and migraines. A 2016 study suggests that cannabis can reduce the frequency of migraines. To this point, patients reported the use of cannabis helped to relieve their headache or migraine simply with the application of a topical product such as lotions or transdermal products infused with CBD.

Reduce Seizures

CBD came to the attention of the world years ago with the amazing story about a young girl named Charlotte who suffered many different seizures every day. With the usage of CBD that contained almost no amounts of THC, she decreased the frequency of her daily seizures. Other scientific publications now support the theory that CBD can help reduce the frequency of seizures. For example, WebMD states CBD oil may help ease the troubles associated with epilepsy. 

Aid with Sleep

CBD has also been shown to help with sleep. There have been a host of studies that suggest that CBD can help with sleep. It should go without saying but sleep is a vital aspect of human life and therefore sleep aids can be a powerful tool to help patients get their needed sleep. With so many Americans not getting enough sleep, perhaps the legalization of the hemp plant can help to change this across the country and specifically within the Sooner state since we have the added advantage of having access to medical marijuana dispensaries here.

Fix an Upset Stomach

A wonderful use case for CBD comes from the potential to help fix an upset stomach. For many patients, an upset stomach can affect them on a regular basis. CBD has been known to help with more severe cases of an upset stomach such as with Crohn’s disease. To this point, CBD may not be as effective here as it’s cousin THC but the high CBD strains of cannabis from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary can be a great alternative if that’s all that is available, as is the case for patients in Oklahoma. 

Reduce Anxiety

One aspect that has started to impact more and more people across the country, anxiety. For some patients, CBD has the potential to help reduce anxiety after the consumption of CBD. That being said, this can only be true on a case by case basis. We still need more research to be completed  on the topic but CBD is a great place to start if you are fighting against anxiety.

Relieve Sore Muscle

Athletes of all types have started to discover the wonders of CBD, specifically with its potential to help with a post-workout regimen. The compound helps through its anti-inflammatory nature to help recover faster after a tough workout. Athletes can further benefit from the more regulated sleep cycle which can be induced through CBD consumption. 

Help with Mental Clarity

Some patients report using CBD specifically to help with their mental clarity. This is another wonderful potential benefit of CBD which truly could help everyone. The boost from CBD to people’s bodies can provide wonderful benefits to those utilizing the substance. Even further to this point, research suggests that CBD may have a positive impact on more than simply mental clarity perhaps aiding or helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

In closing, remember here at The Peak Dispensary we are always happy to answer any questions you may have about Oklahoma medical marijuana. Feel free to stop by one of our many locations to ask a member of our staff and we are always happy to help where we can.