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Biden’s Cannabis Pardon Helps No One

No one is currently incarcerated in federal prison for simple possession of cannabis.

The White House has put out the figure of 6,500 people this pardon will benefit. But no one is in federal prison for simple pot possession.

Biden’s cannabis pardon helps no one. I was under the impression that this pardon would expunge one’s record and allow people with cannabis on their record to get a job or hold office. What else does pardon mean?

Turns out, not that.

Biden’s pardon doesn’t expunge records or release people from prison. Biden’s cannabis pardon helps no one. It is merely political posturing for the midterms.

But Surely, Biden’s Cannabis Pardon Must Help Someone?

Biden Cannabis Pardon Helps No One

You can argue that Biden’s cannabis pardon represents a positive step toward cannabis decriminalization.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Just look at Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill. Tougher sentences for tough criminals sound like a good idea.

Until reality rears its ugly head. The US has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world.

The good news from Biden’s announcement doesn’t come from the cannabis pardons that help no one. The only good news is the potential rescheduling of cannabis.

But even that is soiled by reality. A de-scheduling of cannabis is the only option to root for. A rescheduling merely puts the FDA in charge.

Do you think the FDA will leave the legal states alone? Do you think having the FDA regulate cannabis is a good thing?

Consider who makes up the Food and Drug Administration.

There’s former commissioner Scott Gottlieb who sits on the board of Pfizer. Stephen Hahn led the FDA when it approved the Moderna COVID vaccine. Guess what? Hahn has a financial interest in Moderna.

Mark McClellan is another former FDA commissioner who sits on the board of Johnson & Johnson.

Of course, this is just a snippet, but the overall picture is clear. There is a revolving door of federal FDA bureaucrats who go to work for big pharmaceutical companies and vice-versa.

The FDA is merely an extension of Big Pharma, and Biden’s rescheduling of cannabis will give them undue authority over this medicinal herb.

Let’s Go Brandon!

Biden's Cannabis Pardon

Alleged President Joe Biden’s cannabis pardon helps no one. A genuine act would have seen him pardon growers, sellers, and distributors.

No one is in federal prison for simple possession. But, plenty of young, black guys are in there for “trafficking” cannabis.

Of course, if Biden were serious about undoing the damage of the drug war, then his cannabis pardons would have helped someone.

Instead, he went the superficial route, and the corporate press cheered him on like the presstitute lapdogs they are. 

They’re not interested in helping you. They’re interested in maintaining and growing their power.

Biden’s cannabis pardons should have included trafficking and distribution pardons. That’s what cannabis connoisseurs are in federal prison for. Not simple possession.

Some people sold no more than $300 worth of weed. But they’re in federal prison for over a decade thanks to mandatory minimum sentences.

After eight years of Obama-Biden inaction, Donald Trump pardoned some of these people in 2020. (Donald Trump also signed the 2018 Farm Bill, essentially legalizing all cannabinoids except THC).

But, Biden’s cannabis pardon helps no one. Especially immigrants to whom the pardon doesn’t apply. 

Joe Biden is merely taking a page from Justin Trudeau’s cannabis book. Sell the gullible masses on soundbites and rhetoric. Use cannabis legalization to empower corporate elites (and the government bureaucrats who’ll vote you back in).

No one is incarcerated in federal prison for simple possession of cannabis. Joe Biden’s cannabis pardon helps no one.