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How to Get Your Ideal Cannabis Farm Job

The cannabis industry is creating thousands of jobs each year. There are opportunities for direct sales, on-the-road careers, and cannabis farm jobs, just to name a few. This influx of new cannabis seasonal jobs is often called the Green Revolution and we expect it to grow as time goes on and legislation continues in favor of the industry.

What kind of jobs are available?

Cannabis farm jobs, cannabis harvest jobs, cannabis seasonal jobs . . . any cannabis career you desire is likely available within the cannabis space. Many people searching for a career change look to the budding industry as a place to start something new in a thriving space.

Let’s take a moment to look at a couple positions you might consider.

Cannabis Harvest Jobs

Keep in mind that getting a cannabis harvest job will result in you having to deal with some of the hardships that cannabis businesses deal with, albeit on a smaller scale. Cannabis sales are still not legal at the federal level. For that reason, this industry is not for the faint of heart.

With more than thirty states making medical marijuana use legal, the tide is definitely shifting toward a more accepting attitude of employees in the cannabis industry. Pressure is mounting on the federal government to reverse the archaic laws that caused cannabis prohibition.

Cannabis Trimmer Positions

If you want to work hands on with marijuana, but have never worked with it before, consider a job as a trimmer. As a trimmer, you will cut the buds from the stems, and trim away the leaves. Trimming is often an entry-level position. Trimmers are often in high demand when the farms are ready to harvest large crops, so trimming is often available as a seasonal cannabis job.

Many trimmers have moved up into higher level cannabis farm jobs such as harvester or cultivator. In these cannabis harvest positions people work with the plants themselves. They ensure optimal growing conditions in a group effort to create the best possible product. Because of its great climate and growing conditions, along with its status as one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, California is considered one of the best states to find cannabis harvest jobs.

Cannabis cultivation can often be a demanding physical job. Trimmers are working with their hands and fingers for several hours away and often experience sore muscles at the end of the day. Harvesters and cultivators are moving a lot, overseeing large areas of plant production. Just like gardeners and landscapers, these cannabis farm workers are expected to put in hours of physical labor every day.

Look for Professionalism

As with any job, your safety and job satisfaction rely on the professionalism of your employers. When searching for a cannabis farm job, take note of your bosses. Do they act in a professional manner? Because employees are working with a highly regulated substance workers, cannabis workers need to be especially professional and serious about their work. If an employer gives you a bad vibe, run. That being said, there are a ton of opportunities available for people looking for cannabis jobs.

Find Your Cannabis Farm Job

From seasonable cannabis jobs to those that require full-time employment, cannabis career options are endless. Due to its shady past you won’t see it featured regularly in the columns of Forbes, but, make no mistake, cannabis is a booming business in the United States.

You won’t find many of these cannabis production jobs listed on traditional career sites. Just like every other roadblock, the cannabis industry has found a way around the problem of job sites not wanting to feature cannabis work by creating specialized career sites just for cannabis farm jobs and office work.

You can search for diverse cannabis jobs at some of these sites, among others:

Of course, we always recommend networking with cannabis business owners as the best way to find your preferred cannabis position. Join us for a CannaCon event in your area and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about the industry and talk about your employment options with cannabis business owners from across the nation. Register today!