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Factors That Impact Your Medical Marijuana High

The cannabis plant offers a complex solution to a huge variety of ailments. With the structure of the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, there are dozens of different applications a doctor can prescribe the cannabis plant for. With that said, today we will dive into the topic of what factors impact your Oklahoma medical marijuana high. Since some ailments may require different solutions such as strains of cannabis, understanding the factor which contributes to your medical experience can be helpful.

You will find as an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient, cannabis is a complex plant. It offers a variety of different healing effects for patients. To properly use this plant, it is best to understand the inner workings of it and how the cannabis plant interacts with your body. Striking a perfect balance between your needs and the different choices when it comes to the cannabis plant capabilities will empower you further as a member of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community.

You can impact how your high impacts you to many degrees. This can include internal factors such as your personal tolerance, your age, or the type of consumption you prefer- smoking or consuming edibles. Furthermore, there can be external factors such as the type of cannabis being consumed and even the most recent meal you have had to eat- especially with regards to edibles. With that being said, let us dive right in and take a look at different factors which can impact your Oklahoma medical marijuana experience. 


One of the main factors that will impact your medical marijuana high is your tolerance. This is the amount of cannabis already in your system from prior consumption which makes it a bit higher of a threshold to get the same effect. Basically, as you consume more medical marijuana, your tolerance builds up to the plant. With this in mind, this can be something to take into consideration when working with other things in your life which may come up. On a similar note, you may also consider limiting your use of medical marijuana to applicable times to ensure you keep a healthy tolerance to the plant without letting your tolerance get too high with over-consumption.

Type of Consumption

There can be a big difference between smoking cannabis, taking a cannabis extract, or eating an infused edible. The latter of the three can often include a slower onset than the former with smoking the plant. However, there can be benefits to the edible form of consumption when you consider it has a longer-lasting impact. With that in mind, this can be one of the main selections you will want to consider when choosing the best type of medical marijuana to get from The Peak Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. Basically, the difference between a fast-acting and shorter medicine, offered by flower and concentrates and a slower acting but also longer-lasting medicine, offered by edibles.


A third huge component that will impact your experience with Oklahoma medical marijuana is the precise dosage that you take. Cannabis with a lighter dosage can be a more uplifting experience with less of the sedative effects being prominently expressed. When smoking Oklahoma medical marijuana, either in flower or concentrated forms, the effects will be more readily felt and therefore the dosage more easily controlled. Therefore, it is a good practice to start with these types of cannabis rather than starting off with edibles- at least until you have a better understanding of how the cannabis plant will feel for you.

To this point, the difference between edible dosages can have an even more profound effect on patients. As noted above, an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient will most likely not want to start off with edibles. If they do for a particular reason such as edibles being more favorable to their lifestyle, then simply start with a low dosage and remember they can take hours before being felt to their full effect.

Demographics: Age and Weight

As you get older, especially if you a lifelong cannabis consumer, you will start to notice your interactions with cannabis becoming slightly different. Furthermore, your weight can have a fairly decent impact on your cannabis experience. This is especially true for edibles. To this point, there is certainly a correlation between tolerance and age. As you get older, your tolerance will rise if you continue to consume medical marijuana on a regular basis. With that being said, you certainly could make a conscious effort to control your tolerance and then this wouldn’t be a concern for an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient as they grow older.

Recent Meals

This particular factor will dictate the effects of your edible more so than smoking. Although you certainly can cross into an uncomfortable place if you are too hungry when you smoke cannabis, this is even more so true with edibles. Taking a moment to discuss Oklahoma medical marijuana edibles, remember that having some pairings of your edible with a meal can be beneficial. First, eating a meal can stimulate your appetite. When your digestive system is working at it’s most efficient capacity then you will get the most out of your edible. Second, pairing your edible with a meal will allow you to control your munchies in the most responsible manner. While this second point may be more applicable to some Oklahoma medical marijuana patients compared to others, it is something to consider since cannabis can make you crave more fatty and sugary foods.


The terpenes may be the second most important aspect going into how your Oklahoma medical marijuana will make you feel. These will not only give the plant its scent but also impact how some of the effects of the particular strain are portrayed. These wonderful compounds are naturally occuring in a variety of different plants and reall yhelp to give cannabis the wide array of strains that exist in the market today. The terpenes can also help impact the high experienced by an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient. With that being said, you can learn more with one of our other blog posts on Oklahoma medical marijuana and Terpenes. 


This will be perhaps the biggest factor when choosing your medical marijuana. The type of cannabinoids found within a particular strain will not only help determine the effect of the plant, but it also oftentimes helps with the naming and Sativa, hybrid, or indica stance given to the plant. To this point, when you consume Oklahoma medical marijuana, you get the added benefit of having cannabis which been tested for specific cannabinoids. With this knowledge comes more power in finding the proper strain of cannabis or your needs. You can learn more by researching specific cannabinoids and their effects. Smaller and less frequently referenced cannabinoids can have profound effects. 


Just as the placebo effect can change how people feel, your expectations for a cannabis consumption experience can be similar. This may be a bigger factor when you are first starting to consume cannabis from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary since your tolerance will be low, therefore increasing your ability to expect a wider variety of experiences. Furthermore, we should note that this particular point will have less of an impact on your Oklahoma medical marijuana experience than the actual strain or type of cannabis you choose to medicate with. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that even when consuming medical marijuana, a positive attitude can go a long way to an overall positive experience.

All and all, there are dozens of factors that can come into effect when determining your prices high. Your tolerance will change over time, as well as with your preferred dosage. An Oklahoma medical marijuana patient may notice cannabis being less mind-altering as you get older. The bottom line is that the cannabis train that you choose will have a large impact on the effect as well. Remember to experiment slowly with these different variables which you can control to find out which type of cannabis works best for your specific ailment. 

We with The Peak hope that after reading this Oklahoma medical marijuana patients will hopefully feel more empowered when choosing their medicine. As always, if you ever have a question about Oklahoma medical marijuana, feel free to stop by one of our many locations and ask a staff member for assistance. We are always happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, stay well!