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Luxury Cannabis Products

Pot is no longer something associated solely with “stoners”. It is mainstream now. Celebrities and athletes are no longer just partaking, they are making it their business. With the stigma associated with marijuana and cannabis ever decreasing, and the media coverage of products that contain CBD ever increasing, along with the potential for the cannabis and hemp market to reach $23.7 billion by 2023, there is a new aspirational aesthetic emerging in the area of high-end cannabis products. Luxury cannabis products are quickly becoming their own lifestyle category.

For many people, it’s all about the bargain. A BOGO offer or promo code for free shipping can make their whole day. But, there are those out there who are lucky enough to have disposable income and who, as they say on Parks and Rec, like to “Treat Yo’ Self” — and others who may not currently be flush with cash but still like to “window shop” and dare to dream … and this list is for them. 

Here are six very unique luxury cannabis product categories that you can shop (or window shop) from: 

Smokable Art

There is really only one objective when you smoke cannabis: feeling the effect of the wonder plant and enjoying all of its benefits. Yet there’s no reason you can’t do that with a little style. For a simple objet d’art, there is this clean visually stimulating beauty of a pipe available in a variety of colors. If you prefer a water pipe (aka “bong”) this one is sleek yet sturdy with exceptional functionality and can be personalized to fit your taste with a variety of whimsical bowl pieces and pokers. For a smoking vessel that is not only gorgeous but can be easily “hidden in plain sight”, there are these stunning smoking vases available in both a signature series and one-of-a-kind models. Another favorite is this tongue-in-cheek apple pipe which harkens back to yesteryear when you used whatever you could find around the house to fabricate a smoking device and party with your friends. All of these carry a price tag that varies from the reasonable to the indulgent … but at least none are as hefty as this $85,000 Russian-designed diamond-studded dragon.

Classy Accoutrements

There are those who, especially when out in public, prefer to vape. You’ll definitely make a statement with this rose gold vape pen or this engraved palm battery which has all the elegance and beauty of a piece of fine jewelry. And speaking of jewelry … the perfect way to make sure you never lose your vape and enhance your ensemble at the same time is by sporting this fabulous vape necklace available in both silver and gold tones. If you’re the type who enjoys a good pre-roll, it’s no longer the ‘70s where alligator clips are needed — you can instead smoke from one of these gold-accented blown glass joint holders. And cleaning your pipe with a paperclip will seem so passé after you’ve used this useful and beautiful sculptural tool designed for cleaning and packing. And when there’s nothing left to puff-puff-pass, where better to place those burnt remains than in this 24-karat gold-plated ashtray?

Superior Storage

If you want your stash to be easily accessible but remain unseen, there are numerous elegant containers you can use such as this mystically beautiful spherical orb — or you can take it to a whole ‘nother level with your own personal lockable humidor. If looking for actual furniture pieces for the responsible user in a modern home, you can acquire these sustainably sourced and classically designed tables and drawers or sink into the soft upholstery and natural leather of these exquisite armchairs with hidden drawers in the armrests.

Traveling In Style

Having beautiful housewares is one thing, but what about something for the person who wants to enjoy their luxury cannabis products when out and about? You’ll never be jonesing when toting this valise keychain with room for one pre-roll, or this real leather cigarette case with room for many. Want to make sure that the aromatic terpenes of your superior product don’t draw any unwanted attention? Check out this collection of clutches, fanny packs, crossbody bags, and backpacks that are not only smell-proof but visually stunning as well. And if you want to have all your bases covered, invest in this deluxe travel kit which has everything the smoking connoisseur on the go could need, including storage, a flameless slide lighter, and even Japanese eye drops.

DIY Lavishness

For those who revel in the excitement of rolling their own, there are premium unbleached pure pulp hemp rolling papers that can be used alone or combined with natural shaved maple wood filter tips. If rolling isn’t exactly your forte but you still like having some control, you can make use of these pre-rolled cones hand-formed in France from organic hemp. Want to scream to the world how classy you are? How about these handcrafted 24k rolling papers made from the finest edible gold? And you can roll it all up on this elegant hand-polished stashtray. And if it’s not enough to just roll your own but you actually want to grow your own as well, you can produce high-quality plants in your very own indoor hydroponic growing system.

Gourmet Edibles

If you’re the type who prefers to ingest your cannabis, it isn’t difficult to find a wide array of gummies available these days. But for those with a more discerning and refined palate, there are these small-batch produced gumdrops in exquisite flavors such as Passion Fruit, Blood Orange, and White Peach. More of a chocolate lover? Then perhaps you’d be interested in these artisanal hand-dipped chocolates, caramels, and confections. There are even sparkling waters and beverages infused with CBD, premium herbs, and adaptogens for those who would rather sip than chew. And have you ever seen anything more delectable and elegant than these French Macarons? I don’t think so.

So whether you are someone who relishes in enjoying the finer things in life like luxury cannabis products or someone who gets excited about discovering a bargain, whether you are a consumer or a business owner or someone just thinking about becoming one, there is no better place to mingle and learn and experience firsthand than at a CannaCon Expo. Find a location and time that works best for you and register today.