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Microdosing Oklahoma Medical Marijuana & CBD

People use cannabis for different reasons, but one of the reasons a cannabis doctor in Oklahoma will prescribe marijuana to you is because they want you to have a healthy experience in your day to day life. Cannabis comes with a lot of positive effects, but there may be some negative aftermaths such as anxiety, paranoia, and even psychological effects. This is why a lot of cannabis patients in Oklahoma will turn to medical marijuana microdosing.

When cannabis or medical marijuana is micro-dosed, it goes a long way to lower the negative effects while you bask in the benefits that the plant offers. To this point, taking a smaller amount of cannabis or marijuana can go a long way to offer the relief that you crave. Why take a large amount of marijuana, when you can take little and be relieved? A lot of cannabis physicians in Oklahoma share this belief of being more efficient with your Oklahoma medical marijuana.

The truth remains that there is no single dosage for everyone when it comes to cannabis. A dosage that may work on someone and bring out these negative effects may not do the same thing to someone else. Patients of an Oklahoma City cannabis dispensary know that there is no magic rule to this. Further, that is why one that knows medical marijuana can say that microdosing may not work for everyone. One thing that many marijuana users have noticed is that taking a lesser dosage of THC that possesses an abundant amount of cannabinoids can be a lot more effective than taking a single cannabinoid specific product, such as a CBD only product.

With that in mind, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at how microdosing can benefit Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. 

Why are People Microdosing?

There are different reasons an Oklahoma cannabis doctor may advise a patient to microdose. This can be a great option for those patients that are trying microdosing for the first time. If you consume a product that has 2.5 milligrams of THC, there is a great chance that you won’t feel the negative side effects of cannabis such as anxiety. This is one reason a new patient is advised to microdose cannabis.

When a Norman cannabis dispensary sells cannabis to their new patients, doctors will be the ones to advise patients on the proper size of their dosage. For those patients that have to take cannabis in the daytime, microdosing can be a great idea. There is hardly anyone that would want to experience the side effects of cannabis while carrying out their daily activities. This is why microdosing is advised.

Taking a little amount of cannabis leads to a smaller psychoactive high while sometimes still treating the issue that patients are dealing with. In the world of medical marijuana treatment, a number of patients with Oklahoma medical marijuana licenses are starting to embrace this form of treatment. However, the fact that this practice works for a lot of people doesn’t mean that it will work for you too.

There exist some symptoms and ailments that need a highly potent marijuana product for treatment to work. Apart from that, every patient has a unique endocannabinoid system naturally within their body. Some patients’ endocannabinoid system needs a higher amount of cannabinoid compared to others. Therefore, we see different patients having different dosage requirements.

What Conditions Should You Microdose for?

It is no longer surprising news that cannabis is used in the treatment of a number of ailments and symptoms. The fact that cannabis treats a variety of ailments does not mean that the same dosage of cannabis will treat all the different ailments. Many factors can contribute to the effectiveness of cannabis such as how long a patient has used cannabis for, how much they take, and so on can influence cannabis’ effectiveness. For example, let’s say you have pain, the amount of cannabis you will need to treat it is different from what you will need to treat your gastrointestinal disorders.

Currently, an Oklahoma City medical marijuana doctor can’t say with absolute certainty what conditions will need microdosing. There is clinical research that has shown that a tiny quantity of cannabis or marijuana can offer the user heightened therapeutic effects. 

A study in 2014 showed that cannabis patients that took 4 milligrams of Nabilone, a drug made using synthetic THC, reported improvement. These patients were treated for symptoms linked to PTSD. In the year 2012, some cancer patients who took pain relievers that did little or nothing in treating their pain decided to try out Nabiximols. Nabiximols is a drug that was made from both CBD and THC. A number of them took high doses, some took a medium dose while the rest took low doses.

The study showed counter-intuitive results. Those who took the lowest amount of the drug had the highest pain reduction compared to those that had consumed a larger amount of the drugs. Those who were given placebos were somewhat better than those that were given large doses.

How Should Microdosing be Done Properly?

Like every other drug out there, it is advisable to take the lowest effective dose. If you take more doses than you should, the positive effects may be reduced. Even further to this point, if a patient takes too high of a dosage, they may experience negative effects instead. Taking a lower amount of cannabis can go a long way to clam down a patient’s anxiety, but do you know that taking large doses of THC can worsen the symptoms. Sometimes, cannabis can even make one anxious even when such a person was not initially anxious.

With this in mind, microdosaging can be a great place to start for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. The normal microdose is between 2.5 milligrams to 10 milligrams. Depending upon your precise ailment, A cannabis physician in Oklahoma will likely advise you to start with lower doses. This process to find the correct dosage for you can take time but is worth the patience involved.

Tinctures and Capsules

If you prefer taking consistent doses, you should consider taking capsules and tinctures.  These products oftentimes do not have the intoxicating effect and thus, should be considered before going for a product that possesses a higher amount of THC. It is important to note that CBD reduces the psychoactive effect that is associated with THC. This is why when a patient takes a product with a higher amount of CBD, he does not feel the psychoactive effects of THC. The way one patient reacts to cannabis is different from the way another patient reacts to it, and this is why it is advisable, to begin with a smaller dosage.

Marijuana is a type of medicine that should be taken based on the unique endocannabinoid system of the individual. It is recommended patients work to understand how their body reacts to cannabis, as it can save the stress of feeling any negative effects when consuming medical marijuana. Patients should consider having a journal where they can write down the type of strain you intend to consume, the method of consumption, dosages, and side effects. Write down what you feel with different dosages of Oklahoma medical marijuana and work to find the dosage that works best for you. 

While trying to find the right dose, remember the value of being patient. The same thing goes for the right consumption method for each individual which differs and therefore takes time to find the best dosage. It is important that you find out what factors could affect how you feel when you microdose cannabis. Some common factors to be considered include hydration, environment, nutrition, as well as state of mind and these are great variables to record in your notes to track your cannabis treatment.

Which Cannabis Products Should You Use for Microdosing?

If you have decided to microdose cannabis, there are a number of options that can be tried out. This allows you to properly monitor how much you consume. When you smoke cannabis, you may be able to monitor how much you take in, but it isn’t as accurate as other methods of consumption.

If you have decided to smoke the flower, you should consider taking one puff every five minutes. After five minutes, you should write down the effects that you felt. Once five minutes go by, you should take another puff. This process takes patience, which a lot of cannabis users may not have. This has made it hard to gauge the amount of CBD or THC that has been consumed. A lot of cannabis doctors in Oklahoma will advise that you take tinctures, tablets, and edibles if you have decided to microdose.

If you want a consistent dose, tinctures can do the trick. When you take tinctures, you get the effects almost immediately, as the cannabinoids are easily absorbed. This is done via the mucosal surfaces in your mouth. Edibles may allow you to get an accurate dose, but it is important to note that it won’t be absorbed immediately by the body.

In closing, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, the team here with The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where they can! Stop by one of our many store locations and a member of our team is happy to help where they can!