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New Legislation and Innovation Bring Changes to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The Peak Oklahoma

The Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to steamroll ahead. This follows the national trend of medical marijuana becoming more popular but has moved exceptionally quick here in the Sooner State. With that in mind, this week we look at a couple of interesting news events which showcase the fast movement of the Oklahoma medical marijuana market.

For patients suffering from a terminal illness, the last thing they need is to be caught up in regulatory hold up while applying for a medical marijuana card. This is currently the case for patients who get diagnosed with a terminal illness but may soon change with pending state legislation.

The national cannabis movement continues to need innovative solutions to help finalize loose ends within the legalized adult or medical marijuana markets. For example, implementing laws to prevent patients from operating a motorized vehicle after consuming cannabis still can be a challenge for police officers. One company has started to develop and now is in the process of testing a cannabis breathalyzer to solve this problem.

With that said, let’s dive right in and take a closer look at this week’s news in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market.

Terminally Ill Patients May See Fast Track for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

Patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana market who are diagnosed with a terminal illness may soon be able to get a fast track card. According to KOCO local news, a pending bill in the state legislature would help establish a faster approval process for patients in certain circumstances. This would shorten the currently 14-day window allowed by state law for a patient to get a medical marijuana card after submitting an application. While legislators still need to work out the finer details of this rule change, such as what exactly would constitute proof of terminal illness such as documentation from a doctor, the rule changing process starting can be seen as a positive sign.

Sen. Rob Standridge of Norma, a lead figure pushing for the bill stated, “If somebody has six weeks or a few months to live, certainly we ought to get them relief faster,” he said. “I’d like them to get it within five days.” With this in mind, Senator Standridge plans to run legislation to make this change a reality for patients to be able to get it without worry. This is the main concern, terminally ill patients, who may most need medical marijuana, should be able to quickly get access to medical marijuana.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana May Soon See a Marijuana Breathalyzer

According to KRMG, an innovative product to allow police officers to test for cannabis consumption with a breathalyzer style device may soon be a reality. The device, currently in the process of testing, has been developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. The device can easily be printed using a 3-D printer, which would help distribute the THC testing tool across the many different municipalities that have legalized at least one form of cannabis.

With this in mind, federal law requires that law enforcement use a machine blowing device to test for THC, something similar to a breathalyzer for alcohol. The great aspect of the prototype developed by the University of Pittsburgh team of reachers is that it meets this federal requirement. To this point, the device will still have to go through extensive testing which may anywhere from a few months to a few years. Until the device or another one with a similar purpose is approved for usage, enforcing the usage of cannabis prior to operating a motorized vehicle may continue to be a challenge for law enforcement. 

Finally, remember the Oklahoma medical marijuana market, although operating at full steam, is still a relatively new business sector. This brings interesting challenges to the young industry and as it deals with the growing pains of rapid growth, both the public and private sectors will have to work together. With this combined synergy, public and private operations can help to make positive change happen as Oklahoma marijuana becomes a more mature sector.

In closing, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, the team here with The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where they can! Stop by one of our many store locations and a member of our team is happy to help where they can!