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Oklahoma Residents Start to Collect Signatures for Recreational Marijuana

The state of Oklahoma has seen a wonderful result from the legalization of medical marijuana nearly two years ago, With that in mind, the developments within the cannabis industry in Oklahoma continue to move at an amazingly fast pace. Even though the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry started just over a year ago, there are now over 100,000 patients across the Sooner state with thousands of businesses operating. All of which have launched with far more successes than troubles!

The great success of medical marijuana has encouraged people to look forward to the next step for the still young Oklahoma cannabis sector. Recently, organizers successfully filed a petition to allow the residents to vote for recreational cannabis in Oklahoma. According to KFOR News, a handful of residents in Oklahoma have successfully submitted a petition for the legalization of adult-use cannabis.

If the past is any sign of the future, the adult use of cannabis should be welcomed in the state of Oklahoma. That being said, the process is just getting started and there will need to be a good amount of work put into collecting signatures for the legalization measure to appear on the ballot for a vote.

Legalization of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The residents of Oklahoma voted with a strong majority of 56.8% to 44.2% in favor of legalizing the use of medical marijuana. Furthermore, the program has seen a huge amount of success since launching with thousands of patients benefiting. All of which support the point mentioned earlier, if history is any sign of how people will vote about cannabis, then fans of legalization should be excited about this coming election.

The fact that the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has developed at such as rapid pace helps to share the benefits of deregulating the cannabis plant. Nonviolent cannabis consumers, just as medical marijuana patients, should not have to fear for their freedom. Patients across the state have benefited greatly from Oklahoma medical marijuana already to-date. Patients have benefited so much so that the program now ranks as one of the largest medical marijuana programs any state has to offer! This amazing success has helped dispel the notion that cannabis is harmful and those who consume it should be punished.

Recreational Cannabis Referendum

With the petition successfully gaining enough signatures, the voters across Oklahoma will have the opportunity to decide if the legalization of cannabis for adult consumption is something to be allowed in the state. According to KFOR news, the ballot measure labeled State Question 806, “would generally legalize, regulate and tax marijuana for persons aged 21+ under state law. Specifically, it protects the personal use of marijuana for those 21+, while establishing quantity limits, safety standards, and other restrictions.”

As already done in 11 other states across the country, the measure would legalize adult usage of the cannabis plant. The bill does include restrictions on how much cannabis products people can grow, purchase and carry with them, items that are commonly supported. With that in mind, the ballot measure seems to be poised for a cannabis-friendly vote, pending if it can make it to the ballot in November. 

Another important aspect of the bill includes the financial aspect of legalizing cannabis. The bill would also tax the cannabis plant at a 15% rate. Although this is a high tax rate, the proposed measure takes into account medical marijuana patients who would be exempt from this tax. 

The volunteers collecting signatures on behalf of the legalization movement will have their work cut out for them though. The process requires they collect 178,000 signatures from registered voters across the state. If they are able to do this successfully then the measure will be placed on the ballot for the November 2020 election. If the ballot measure does make it for a public vote, it will be presenting an exciting reason to get out and vote for any cannabis enthusiast across the state in 2020.