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Update on OMMA Moratorium Start Date for New Grower, Processor and Dispensary Licenses

The moratorium on processing applications for new grower, processor and dispensary licenses begins Aug. 26, not Aug. 1 as previously stated in communications from OMMA.

OMMA made an error interpreting the effective date of HB 3208, the legislation creating the moratorium. The language in the bill states the moratorium begins Aug. 1, but the bill itself did not earn enough votes in the Oklahoma Legislature to take effect until Aug. 26—the state has a two-thirds vote requirement for bills to take effect sooner than 90 days after adjournment. As a result, the moratorium cannot begin until the legislation takes effect.

"We made a mistake and interpreted the bill as written without taking the vote count into consideration," said OMMA Executive Director Adria Berry. "We're double-checking every piece of legislation affecting OMMA from the last legislative session to ensure this won't be repeated. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we fell short in this instance. We hope the transparency in our message today is evidence that we take seriously the trust Oklahomans place in OMMA."

OMMA will stop processing applications for new grower, processor and dispensary applications at 12:01 a.m. Aug. 26, 2022.

The other previously described details regarding the moratorium remain the same. Current grower, processor and dispensary licensees are not affected and may apply to renew their licenses when it's time. The moratorium will expire Aug. 1, 2024, or earlier if the Executive Director determines all pending license reviews, inspections or investigations are complete.

Executive Director Berry shares more in this video.

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