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Scrutiny on Cannabis Practices May Lead to Regulatory Change

The Peak Oklahoma

The Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to grow at a wonderfully fast rate. With the quick movement of the cannabis industry, regulators continue to find laws which need adjustments. As the industry waits for regulators to tie up loose ends with new cannabis regulations, we should expect to see more regulatory change.

With that in mind, state regulators continue to debate a variety of different measures which would impact Oklahoma medical marijuana businesses and their marketing practices. Consumers may notice Oklahoma’s medical marijuana sector allows businesses more lenient with their marketing efforts. 

Furthermore, the state will also consider passing new laws which would require the regulating entity for medical marijuana, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OOMA) to have more reporting obligations. The goal of this law would be to provide more transparency into the activities of the OOMA. 

With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a closer look at Oklahoma medical marijuana news for this week.

Regulators May Restrict Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Marketing

According to the Oklahoman, cannabis marketing practices may soon be restricted. Billboard ads from cannabis businesses are being targeted specifically. This is a form of marketing which has been permitted in Oklahoma while restricted in many other medical marijuana markets around the country.Although this soon may be changing, the restrictions on cannabis marketing will first have to be decided upon by regulators. 

Throughout other medical marijuana markets, many businesses are restricted with the types of marketing they can participate in. For example, many cannabis sectors will be required to provide documentation that over 75% of the audience being marketed to is over the age of 21. 

With general restrictions such as this in place, it helps to ensure fewer marijuana products and their marketing messages will reach the wrong consumers such as those under the age of 21. While this can be an undue burden for some types of marketing channels, it also offers more benefits to those Oklahoma City cannabis businesses already following these types of rules without being required to by law. 

Nonetheless, some draw the line at a different type of marketing. For example, many today see it completely acceptable for a billboard to exist advertising alcohol. This doesn’t mean that it should happen though. For a complete ban to take place though, state regulators will have to pass a new law which seems to be likely to occur.

More Transparency from State Regulating Entity

Another interesting aspect of proposed regulations include requiring more transparency from the state regulatory agency. The agency came under fire last year when they announced medical cannabis tax dollars would be invested back into the agency instead of the allocated locations of education and drug rehabilitation. This was surprising to many since the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry became one of the most popular in the country. 

That being said, some state legislators have expressed concerns about over regulating cannabis products too quickly. These lawmakers point the comprehensive Unity Bill passed last year and note how the impact of the Unity Bill is still to be determined. While those supporting more regulations and those opposing it convene for a new state legislation session starting in just a couple of short weeks on February 3, 2020, they will have to determine where the priorities are for cannabis regulations. 

In closing, it seems the regulatory changes this year will continue to focus on businesses. With this in mind, the state already had three cannabis related legislative items to consider for the 2020 year. This includes the points discussed today to restrict cannabis companies from making via a billboard and increasing the transparency from the state regulatory agency in charge of Oklahoma medical marijuana. The legislature will also consider a ban on new cannabis businesses being opened within close proximity to a place of worship. With these changes in mind, they should not impact patients and hopefully bring more legitimacy to the young Oklahoma medical marijuana market.

Finally, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, we encourage you to stop by one of the many Peak Dispensary locations. Our staff is happy to help where we can.