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Ways to Celebrate 420 on April 20th and Beyond

Known as the stoner holiday celebrated around the globe, April 20th, or 420, is a day cannabis connoisseurs near and far spark up in celebration of all things weed. With nearly 40 states legalizing the medicinal or recreational use of cannabis, many Americans are now able to legally honor the annual day of celebration. How far we’ve come since the 1970s when a group of California high-school students met after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke together. Today cannabis consumers have a range of ways to celebrate 420 including public events and activities. Let’s explore meaningful, fun and creative best ways to celebrate 420 on April 20th and all year long.

Best Ways to Celebrate 420

Like choosing a strain or consumption method, how to celebrate 420 really depends on the person. Some choose to be active and outdoors on 420, while others prefer to cozy up at home. Some take this annual day of celebration to learn the history of the plant and look for ways to get involved in legalization and social justice efforts in their region. How to celebrate 420 is your choice, but it’s important to remember that many people are still incarcerated for using or selling the very plant we’re openly celebrating today.

Highly Discounted Cannabis

Since many dispensaries offer significant discounts in celebration of 420, some look forward to April 20th just to stock up on their favorite cannabis products. To supplement the munchies, some restaurants and delivery apps offered 420-themed discounts in 2022. Whether you are a medicinal or recreational consumer, you can’t go wrong with a 420 discount at your local dispensary.

Fun in the Sun

Even if you’re not in San Francisco and attending the famous annual gathering at Hippie Hill, that doesn’t mean you can’t get out there to celebrate under the sun. April generally brings warmer weather across the country so it’s no wonder that many cannabis consumers decide to celebrate outdoors. Some choose this day to get out in their garden or partake in other outdoor activities like volunteering, bike riding, rollerblading, visiting a local park, watching the sunset and more. Pairing cannabis with the outdoors is hands down one of the best ways to celebrate 420.

Cozying Up at Home

For some cannabis consumers the best way to celebrate 420 may be by turning your notifications off and simply relaxing at home. There are tons of new books out there about cannabis, its history, how it can promote healing and how to grow your own, so cozying up with an infused tea and a great book is an excellent way to celebrate. Rolling Stone magazine recommends these eight books about weed.

Watching Movies or TV

Whether from your sofa, a traditional theater or even a drive-in, one of the best ways to celebrate 420 will always be watching a stoner classic. From the Cheech and Chong series to The Big Lebowski, there is plenty of cinematic stoner wisdom available online. There are also classic television shows like Broad City, which follows two New Yorker’s named Abby and IIana as they learn about life, love and adulthood, all while stoned.

For documentary lovers, check out: Lady Buds, by CJ Russo, which tells the story of six courageous women who come out of the shadows of the cannabis underground to forge a path to legalization, and Weed the People, by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein as they present personal stories of those whose lives are caught up in the cannabis medicine controversy. For more options, check out USA Today’s list of the best stoner movies and TV shows to light up your high holiday.

Beyond April 20th 

For many cannabis consumers, 420 isn’t just a famous day in April. 4:20 p.m. is also the time of day some choose to spark up, ingest or apply a cannabis product. It’s a time of day that signifies the importance of the right to consume cannabis legally as well as a time to reflect just how much further we need to go before true cannabis legalization is reached.

Every year on April 20th and every day at 4:20 p.m., there are still people sitting in jail for consuming or selling cannabis. While we enjoy the right to celebrate all that 420 represents, we must not forget about those people or the importance of advocating for their release. Some great organizations to support: Cage Free Cannabis, The Social Impact Center and Last Prisoner Project. Each is working to repair the harm caused by the War on Drugs.

Connect with like-minded individuals at a CannaCon near you. Check out the current lineup of 2022 and 2023 CannaCon shows. View the exhibitor map, peruse the seminar schedule and register to attend. See you soon!