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Can PTSD Be Treated With Medical Marijuana?

Can PTSD be Treated with Medical Marijuana

The most common illegal drug in the United States is marijuana. Many people with PTSD have marijuana, which may include paranoia and serious anxiety, to reduce their symptoms.

A U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs report indicated that almost 2 out of 10 PTSD people use marijuana. But is the combination of marijuana and PTSD safe? Can the medicine alleviate or exacerbate the disorder symptoms with medical marijuana? See it here.

Can Marijuana Support PTSD?

For a variety of reasons many people with PTSD, use marijuana. For example, fighting veterans could use the medication to alleviate war-provoked or irritable feelings. In the meantime, assault survivors may smoke cannabis to reduce their trauma.

The medicine can alleviate tension in the short term. But marijuana remains an addictive substance that can affect the physical and psychological health of a person or worsen it. Hence, there are many contradictory opinions regarding this matter.

PTSD & Medical Marijuana

THC and cannabidiol are part of marijuana (CBD). THC is the main ingredient for euphoric sensations in the cannabis plant. On the other hand, CBD is a non-psychoactive component which blocks THC.

Legal, in some states, medical marijuana includes low THC levels and high CBD levels. Since medical marijuana reduces a person’s chances of euphoria, many PTSD individuals use this form of the medicine to reduce symptoms.

The effectiveness of medical marijuana in reducing PTSD symptoms was investigated by a study published in the 2014 Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. The results found that the use of medical cannabis has led to a 75% decrease in symptoms in patients with PTSD. Researchers, however, concluded that there should be further evidence to determine the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating PTSD.

Marijuana and PTSD and the position of the VA

The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides health care services in healthcare centers and ambulatory institutions across the United States to qualified military veterans.

The VA shall comply with federal marijuana regulations. The FDA classifies marijuana as a substance of Schedule I, which illegally makes the drug federal. As such, marijuana is not recommended for veterans in the VA.

When the VA uses marijuana, veterans will not deny their benefits. In all VA medical centers, including the facilities in countries where marijuana is legal, marijuana use is nevertheless prohibited. However, if you have medical marijuana card, you can get it from a legal dispensary near you. You need to show the card to purchase it.

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