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How Can Medical Marijuana Aid in Sleep Disorders?

To preserve our mental and physical health, sleep is necessary, but sleeplessness is a common problem among adults. 50 to 70 million U.S. adults experience signs of a sleep disorder, according to the National Sleep Foundation. At some stage in their lives, about 30 to 40% of the population will experience insomnia, and about 10 to 15% of adults will struggle with chronic insomnia.

So, if it’s getting harder and harder to get shut-eye, you’re not alone.

There has been an increase in interest in one controversial sleep support element that is medical marijuana, with so many people having sleeping disorders. For a variety of sleeping conditions, many medical marijuana communities suggest cannabis with little or no side effects.

Marijuana is an important sleep aid because it restores the normal sleep cycle of a person that, in today’s modern lifestyle.

The science of sleep

Different forms of marijuana exist. Some are more energizing and, depending on the balance of the distinct cannabinoids, others are soothing and sedating. Next, here is a brief on the marijuana science behind it. This herb works because there are numerous cannabinoids in it, two of which you will most often see:

Cannabidiol (CBD) – CBD has a range of health benefits, and is non-psychoactive, which means you don’t feel “high.”
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – For that “high” sensation, THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, is mainly responsible.

medical marijuana oklahoma for sleep disorder

Sleep Problems Treatment with Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana to treat sleep disorders has shown positive results in various trials in both laboratory and clinical settings. A mountain of anecdotal evidence from patients who have sought some sort of relief still exists.
The Canadian Forces Health Services Organizational Trauma and Stress Support Centre in Ottawa, Canada, undertook a comprehensive study to assess the effectiveness of marijuana in the treatment of sleep disorders. The findings of this study indicate that marijuana, particularly for medical marijuana patients suffering from PTSD, can not only help patients get to sleep quicker, but also relieve nightmares.

Another research conducted back in 2011 indicated that medical marijuana helped patients with insomnia fall asleep more quickly. Patients actually reported falling asleep 30 minutes faster, on average. Researchers wrote in their report: “We noted a significant reduction in reported sleep time after cannabis use in both those with and those without reported sleep difficulties.”

And the proof of the ability of marijuana to relieve anxiety and alleviate pain is, of course, immense. We’re not going to get into this research here, but you can check out this report on the use of medical marijuana for treating chronic pain if your sleep disorders are the result of chronic pain. And you might want to read this report on using medicinal marijuana to relieve anxiety if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

More study is coming on marijuana, and this weed, which is legal in some states and still illegal in others, has many different therapeutic effects that can function as well and with far less side effects as other medicines. Reach The Peak Dispensary in OKC to get your dose.