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How Cannabis Ruderalis Can Help Mitigate Anxiety?

medical marijuana okc

It can be difficult to live with anxiety. The daily symptoms are also difficult to quantify as they may vary. First, different kinds of anxiety are present. Everyone can experience “circumstantial” depression or anxiety through stressful times. We will internalize some of that stress and show anxiety symptoms when wrong things happen.

Once the stress influences go away, the symptoms of circumstantial stress also disappears. For example when you have a family member admitted in a hospital. Some of the symptoms you may have are nervous or rushing thoughts, high blood pressure, headaches, and sleeplessness. You may also be more irritable than usual. These are some of the frequent anxiety symptoms.

But what happens if your family member leaves the hospital, and life comes back to normal, if that stressor goes away. And you still have a persistent sense of apprehension or uncomfortable thinking? You want to discuss clinical anxiety with a doctor. Medical marijuana is effective in treating anxiety and nerve disorders.

As an accepted medical card condition, many states have already included anxiety. And you can bet people are applying for this in states where anxiety has not made the official list of clinical diagnoses.

Clinical anxiety has been diagnosed in more than 40 million adults in the United States. The Anxiety & Depression Association of America is the leading mental health disorder. The worldwide unmanaged clinical anxiety causes a new study that reports up to 5 million deaths due to self-harm (suicide).

What is Cannabis Ruderalis?

Two accepted categories of cannabis strains are: cannabis Sativa and Indica. Cannabis Ruderalis is a third type in the family of cannabis, according to horticulture experts. But there are certain people (and farmers) who disagree that it is a subspecies.

This stocky little plant was born thousands of years ago in Asian and Central Europe (especially Russia). But for medicinal use it was not widely grown. The small plant grew like a weed and evolved wild. There was nothing special that nobody thought. The word ‘ruderalis’ comes from what is ‘substantial.’

Can anxiety be medical marijuana’s qualifying health condition?

Is the long-term daily use of cannabis an effective anxiety treatment? Clinical studies have found that many benefits can be derived from Sativa strains. Even low THC doses of Sativa cannabis with a happy psychoactive profile (but relaxed) make the day much easier. And more fruitful for anxious people.

The anxiety diagnosis is also misunderstood. It takes your doctor more than just a visit to say that you’re worried. Or underlined. In fact, clinical scales or surveys can measure your anxiety frequency. Doctors use these behavioural inventories to find out if the problem is depression, anxiety, or both mental health conditions.

There is a list of health conditions in each state. If you do not see anxiety listed by the health authority of your state, ask a doctor. States which have no anxiety as a qualifying condition are often provided with a different provision. Any patient they feel will benefit therapeutically from the ability of a doctor to authorise a medical card.

In other words, if this provision is provided in your state cannabis programme, you still can get a medical card. You can also appeal if you have serious anxiety and other conditions of mental health that prevent you from living daily. Some countries allow patients to apply for special permitted access based on persistent and weaker symptoms.

Where to Go?

Get your dose of medical marijuana from The Peak Dispensing in OKC. Our dispensary is open for 24 hours for seven days.