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Medical Marijuana and Weight Loss

Medical Marijuana and Weight Loss

Marijuana use and weight loss may appear to be mutually exclusive. Getting “the munchies” is one of its most well-known consequences. In fact, this increase in hunger is one of the reasons it was medically approved in the first place. Chemotherapy patients frequently lose their appetite without the aid of marijuana.

We’re all aware that overeating is the leading cause of weight gain. So why would anyone suggest marijuana as a weight-loss aid? New research suggests that the situation is more complicated than it appears. Check the following on products available in medical marijuana dispensary.

What exactly is in marijuana?

Marijuana, or cannabis to be more scientific, contains a variety of chemicals known as cannabinoids. THC is the most well-known because it is the one that causes you to become euphoric. You may also be familiar with CBD, which is the subject of the most medicinal study. Weight gain is not appear to be a side effect of CBD consumption. It’s also not an appetite suppressant.

As a result, persons who use CBD oil without THC shouldn’t be concerned about gaining weight while doing so. In fact, CBD can help to balance out the effects of THC by reducing hunger. CBD, on the other hand, does not appear to help with weight loss.

There are, however, additional cannabinoids. One in particular, THCV, may actually aid in weight loss. THCV lowers appetite while THC increases it. It also appears to influence blood sugar management. Finding a strain with a greater THCV content could be the key to finding one that suppresses your appetite.

Marijuana is a plant, not a drug that can be purchased over the counter. This means that the proportions of cannabinoids in different strains of the plant vary. This is why dispensaries display lab findings for their strains, which show the amounts of various cannabinoids. Check these results before loading your dry herb vaporizer with flower to ensure you obtain the desired effect.

Better Sleep

Aside from what you eat, there are additional elements that play a role in weight loss. You must also keep track of how much you burn. You might be surprised to learn that we burn a lot of calories while sleeping. As a result, getting enough sleep is critical for weight loss. As any insomniac or midnight snacker will tell you, lack of sleep makes you hungry.

CBD and Physical Activity

Apart from calming you down, CBD has another effect. CBD also helps you concentrate on whatever task you’re working on. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, CBD may provide the focus you need to overcome your resistance. It’s generally better for repetitive aerobic exercises like treadmill or cycling, rather than resistance training like weightlifting.

Do you want authentic medical marijuana? See us at The Peak Dispensary. Our medical marijuana dispensaries are located in Edmond, and OKC and opening soon in Moore.