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The Effect of Pandemic on the Cannabis Industry

The Effect of Pandemic on the Cannabis Industry

The Covid- 19 pandemic has been disrupting human life since the last year and has affected the economy and standard of society as well. The novel coronavirus impacts various industries and the cannabis industry is one of them. Here, we have discussed how the pandemic left an impact on the cannabis industry and how can we cope with that?

The patients who have to take medical cannabis to deal with their problems have suffered most in this situation. Medical marijuana dispensaries should take action in order to protect their patients and states must decree regulations to help various essential businesses without compromising anything. Now everybody has to maintain social distance, therefore medical marijuana dispensaries should be treated as essential business like grocery stores and pharmacies because uncountable patients depend on medical marijuana to handle their physical problems.

In order to supply medicines to the patients and keep them safe from coronavirus, the dispensaries have to follow social distancing strictly. Therefore, many states including OKC enforce regulations about the home delivery systems so that the dispensaries deliver the medicines at the doorstep and patients don’t need to go to the retail store to buy medicines.

The Protection Against Covid-19

If a medical marijuana dispensary serves both medical patients and general customers, then they should take measures for reducing medical patient exposure. If home delivery or curb-side pickup is unavailable due to some reasons, then they have to arrange a separate area for the medical patients. The dispensaries should follow these tips,

  • Should limit the numbers of customers
  • Maintaining social distance in order to keep the staff and patients safe.
  • Maximum two customers can stay on the dispensary floor at a time
  • Should provide gloves to the employees
  • Have to disinfect the sales counter after each and every transaction
  • Should disinfect the entire dispensary twice a day.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Need More Flexibility

The state government should relax a few rules in order to give badges to the dispensary employees and agents. It generally takes 30 days to hire an employee as they fulfill the requirement of background checks and many other details. In this Covid situation, many employees cannot work due to illness, self-isolation, self-quarantine. If the government relaxes the rules, then the medical marijuana dispensaries will hire employees as soon as possible.

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If you are suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and the doctor has prescribed you, then contact The Peak Dispensing in OKC. Our dispensary agent will deliver you the medicines according to your need at your doorstep by maintaining social distancing properly.