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Understanding MME or Medical Marijuana Equivalency


Understanding MME or Medical Marijuana EquivalencyIf you have a medical marijuana card, you are authorized to buy dried cannabis up to 4 ounces every month. If you’re only intending on buying flowers, this limit is simple. However, if you intend to purchase concentrates or infused items, the situation becomes more complicated.

In a tincture/oil or edible, how many ounces of dried cannabis are there?

Thankfully, the state has provided a conversion chart to assist us in making apples-to-apples comparisons.

What will you do if you’re not sure if your purchase is legal?

It is your dispensary’s responsibility to notify the state’s tracking system, METRC, of your purchase quantities. Dispensaries will work with METRC to guarantee that you do not go over your 30-day purchasing limitations. You don’t have to be concerned about unintentionally acquiring more than 32 MMEs per month because your dispensary will restrict you from doing so.

However, in addition to limiting the amount of product you can buy in a 30-day period, the state also restricts the amount of product you can keep on hand at any given moment. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep track of how many MMEs you have on hand.

A two-month supply of cannabis is equivalent to 8 ounces of dried flower or 64 MMEs for the average patient. Patients who have a grower license are allowed to have a three-month supply of cannabis, which is equivalent to 12 ounces of dried flower or 96 MMEs.

Patients accompanied by their caretakers

Patients who have a caregiver cultivating cannabis for them are also allowed to have a three-month supply. Possession might be shared between the caregiver and the patient in this scenario. A caregiver cultivating on behalf of a patient, for example, may have 48 MMEs and the patient may have another 48 MMEs. If the total shared amount of product does not exceed 96 MMEs, any combination is considered compliant (12 ounces). It’s also worth noting that patients who receive MMEs from their caregiver are not subject to purchase restrictions. Marijuana is not purchased by patients who are under the care of a caregiver. Rather, they are paying for the agriculture and processing services.

Making your own cannabis-infused goods

If you plan on manufacturing your own edibles from flower you buy or produce yourself, we recommend labeling your product with the volume or weight and matching MMEs in case of a home inspection (for cultivator license holders) or a law enforcement challenge (especially if you plan on transporting home-made edibles).

Check out the state’s medical marijuana handbook for more information on MMEs and how to get your medicinal marijuana card. For edible marijuana or card, see us at The Peak Dispensary in OKC.